At Clearwater Oriental Rug Cleaning, we clean investment quality antiques, hand knotted rugs from around the world, machine woven rugs such as Karastan and synthetic rugs that someone has perhaps decorated around and can’t easily replace. To us, a fine rug is a rug that someone cares about.

You care about your rug and you want it safely and effectively cleaned by a rug care specialist. Unlike many who advertise for rug cleaning, we are not carpet cleaners one day, tile and grout cleaners the next day, or out restoring water damaged homes. The cleaning and repair of rugs is simply what we do, each and every day.

Our first priority is the safest possible cleaning of each rug. Each rug must be inspected and tested to determine its construction, dye stability and condition. Then based on our experience, and a consultation with the rug owner, we select the best cleaning method for that rug, ranging from full immersion washing to dry cleaning. Most rugs are best cleaned by our wash process which combines “Old World” hand washing with state of the art cleaning solutions and equipment.

The following are 5 reasons why we have developed the cleaning system we use.

1.  Wool, cotton and silk have very different characteristics than the synthetic fibers typically found in wall to wall carpet. This means that carpet cleaning systems simply are inadequate to clean Oriental and other natural fiber rugs. Dry soil removal, chemistry, temperature, the amount of water that is required and the equipment needed to extract that water is all different. Our wash method is designed and equipped to meet the cleaning requirements of natural fibers. (For more information see Why Do Fine Area Rugs Require Special Care)

2.  Each step in our process is hands on. This enables us to see how the rug is responding during each phase of cleaning. This not only is essential for the safe care of the rug but also allows us to spend more time cleaning the areas of the rug that have heavier soiling.

3. Rather than soaking or washing multiple rugs together in a large tub, we clean each rug individually, one at a time, by hand in clean flowing water. This prevents your rug from being co-mingled with other people’s rugs where they will soak up and exchange pet urine and other biological contaminants. When we wash your rug, clean water is constantly flowing, removing the soil as it is loosened.

4. We use cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for natural fibers. We use a neutral pH, non-ionic, free rinsing shampoo in the cleaning process. Since bleach is destructive to both wool and cotton, we do not use it to whiten fringe.

5.  Roughly 70% of the rugs we clean have pet urine contamination. Deodorization is best accomplished by the removal of the urine rather than chemically covering up the odor with masking agents. Our cleaning process is so thorough we can guarantee odor removal on most rugs. (For more information see Guaranteed Pet Deodorization.)

When deciding on who to use to clean your rugs, here are a few questions we recommend to you.

How To Select A Professional Rug Cleaner.

1.  Will the company be cleaning the rugs themselves or will they be subcontracted out to another company unknown to you?
2.  Does the company specialize in cleaning Oriental rugs or is it just one of many services they offer?
3.  Does the company have professional rug cleaning equipment to dust, wash, rinse, extract the water and soil and rapidly dry the rug or are they using carpet cleaning systems?
4.  Will your rugs be cleaned individually by hand in clean fresh water?
5.  Will bleach be used in the cleaning process?
6.  Finally and most importantly: Are you able to see for yourself where and how your rugs will be cleaned?

 Give us a call and re-discover just how beautiful your rugs are.