Repairs & Restoration

Hand woven rugs are made to last for decades. The most common areas of concern for the preservation of these pieces are the fringe and the side cords.

The fringe is actually the foundation (warp yarn) of the rug running from one end to the other. When the fringe is worn out or damaged, the knots that make up the face of the rug can begin to come out of the rug. This damage can often be controlled by a proper overcast stitching of  these areas to secure them. Damage to the side cord also exposes the rug to knot loss and needs to be repaired.

Other repairs may involve re-weaving sections of the rug. These pictures of an antique Tabriz show the result of having a leaking planter on a rug causing dry rot. As you can see, even such serious damage is correctable by our skilled weavers.

Restoration Services

  • Water Damage
  • Color Run Correction
  • Red Stain Removal (Kool Aid – Red Wine)

Moth Control


Larvae casing and damaged wool

Larvae casing and damaged wool[/caption

Moth damage is a common problem with wool rugs. The larvae work in the dark so the damage often goes unnoticed as it often occurs under furniture and usually on the back side of the rug. When the moths eat the back of the knots off, there is nothing left to hold the knots in place.

Moths prefer soiled rugs so regular, professional cleaning is one way to protect against them. We also offer a moth prevention treatment that makes the wool undesirable for their consumption. This treatment has no odor, does not affect the color or hand of the rug and will last until the next cleaning. It is inexpensive insurance against moth damage.