The use of a proper and quality underlayment for your Oriental rug is very important to its longevity and performance. Proper underlayment not only provides a safe non-slip foundation for the rug it also provides cushioning against foot traffic and the damaging effects of abrasive soiling that work its way deep into the rug. A quality cushion also makes it possible for the rug to breathe and prevents any moisture that gets in the rug from getting trapped between the rug and the floor.

A common mistake is to use padding that is designed for wall to wall carpet. Another common mistake is to use an inexpensive non-slip pad from a local store that provides little if any cushion for the rug.

When buying a quality rug pad, consideration needs to be given to the type of rug and the surface the rug is laid on. A heavy rug like a Chinese place on a hard floor should have a different pad from a thin antique rug placed on the same floor. A rug being used on top of carpet does not need much cushion. Its purpose is to keep the rug in place and inhibit it from wrinkling.

Clearwater Rug Cleaning will help you select the proper pad for your situation and will custom cut the pad to properly fit your rug.