Structural Repairs

Hand woven rugs are made to last for decades. The most common areas of concern for the preservation of these pieces are the fringe and the side cord. The fringe is actually the foundation (warp yarn) of the rug running from one end to the other. When the fringe is worn out or damaged, the knots that make up the face of the rug can begin to come out of the rug. The side cord is the finish of the foundtion (weft) yarns that run from side to side of the rug. Damage to the side cord also exposes the rug to knot loss.

This damage can often be controlled by a proper overcast stitching of  these areas to secure them. At times a fringe may become so damaged or unsightly that a replacement fringe can be sown on. These types of repairs can be done locally.

When it comes to extensive repairs such as re-weaving sections of a rug, it is our experience that sending the rug back to a weavers in the countries of origin is both cost effective and provides the highest level of repair. We have relationships with these weavers and can handle the preparation and shipping of your rug overseas.

Water Damage Remediation (Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria)

Whenever a rug has gotten wet unintentionally, there is a possibility of mold or mildew growth that can lead to dry rot in the foundation of the rug. It is necessary to immerse the rug in a sanitizing solution, rinsed and dried to prevent any present or future damage to the rug. If the rug is affected by a sewage leak, special consideration needs to be given, with some rugs needing to be disposed of.

Color Run Correction

Unstable dyes in a rug can bleed due to water exposure, improper cleaning, pet contamination etc. This fugitive color can be reduced and possibly eliminated. Each rug must be evaluated to see if this service is viable and practical.

Red Stain Removal (Kool Aid – Red Wine)

Food dyes can sometimes be removed, however, the older the stain is the harder it will be to successfully treat. Again, each rug must be evaluated to see if this service is viable and practical.