Natural Fibers Need Your Help!!!

Once again, the best care for wool, cotton and silk is connected to the absorbent quality of these natural fibers.  Spills that may easily clean out of synthetic wall to wall carpet can be permanent stains in rugs.

Typical Scotchgard type products are not well suited to hand made rugs.  We use a protector designed specifically for rugs.

There are 3 basic benefits to having your rugs protected after cleaning.

1.  Protection provides a barrier to inhibit spills and even pet accidents from soaking into the rug.  You will have more time to get to the problem and blot it out.

2.  Protection greatly improves the efficiency of vacuuming.  Coating the fibers with a Teflon like coating makes dirt much easier to remove.

3.  Application of this specially formulated protector actually adds luster to the rug and contributes to a very nice hand.

Protecting valuable handmade rugs just makes sense.