Rugs and Pet Urine

Over 60% of the rugs that come into our facility have urine contamination. Many rug owners have found that their pets seem to prefer using their nice Oriental rugs to make their “deposits.” Does your dog or cat know how much you love your nice rug? Maybe they know how much you spent for that fine rug. While it may seem that way, there is a more logical explanation for pets, especially dogs, choosing wool rugs for their bathroom.

Carpeting is made from synthetic fibers, usually nylon. That is fine with dogs or cats when they need to go. However, wool is as you know, hair from sheep. Animals instinctively mark their territory with urine so when they smell the hair of nother animal, they are drawn to go there.

Urine deposits in both carpets and rugs create an unhealthy situation in the home. Bacterial growth occurs whenever moisture is present as indicated by the offensive odor produced. Urine does cause damage to synthetic carpet primarily by making stains that are usually not correctable.  Similar damage occurs to wool rugs. However there are far greater problems caused by urine in rugs.  but it is minor when compared to what it does to a woven wool rug.

Urine also stains wool only wool is so easily dyed that it is even more unlikely that the stains can be removed. Urine also weakens the dyes used for wool and commonly causes dyes to bleed. The biggest threat to woven wool rugs caused though is that the bacteria created by urine looks at the cotton foundation yarns as a great food source. Over time, this bacteria will actually consume the cotton causing the rug to fall apart. This is a common cause of what is called dry rot.

The only way to address these concerns is to thoroughly clean the rug, including and really especially the cotton foundation. This cannot be done using carpet cleaning systems. It can only be done by a thorough wash and rinse of the rug. Just like when rinsing a sponge, a urine contaminated rug needs to be filled with water and squeezed dry several times to get it clean. Our horizontal rug centrifuge is the very finest way possible to perform this type of rinsing. We can’t promise to remove the stains, but we do offer guaranteed odor removal on woven and hand knotted rugs.


"When our most recent puppy chewed the corner of one of my beautiful oriental rug, I was ready to give up! David took the rug, repaired the chewed corner and cleaned it. It's beautiful! I'm the only one that knows the damage that was there! Clearwater saved my rug AND my puppy!!!

I can't say enough good things about Clearwater service! They are prompt, trustworthy and thorough!!!"

Annie W.

“Very professional and personable. Everything was explained to me and follow-up calls were made. I was very pleased. Just keep doing what appears to come naturally for everyone in your company, that is kindness and excellent service.”

Barbara H.

"They did an awesome job with our rugs. We could not of been more pleased. They took the time, had the proper equipment and put the effort in to make sure our rugs were thoroughly cleaned."

Ted A.

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