Rugs come from all over the world and vary greatly in construction and dyes. In addition, rugs come in for cleaning of different age and condition. We have several cleaning methods to use including full submersion washing, shampoo and cool water extraction,  low moisture cleaning and dry cleaning. The most effective method is our wash process. Most rugs can be washed.

When rugs are taken out of your home, the only way to know if they are really being cleaned in a professional, fully equipped facility is to be able to see for yourself. We encourage you to come to our cleaning studio and see exactly what equipment and systems will be used to clean your rugs. We have also prepared an “Our Process” video so you can see how we clean the majority of rugs.

How To Select A Professional Rug Cleaner.

1.  Will the company be cleaning the rugs themselves or will they be subcontracted out to another company unknown to you?
2.  Does the company specialize in cleaning Oriental rugs or are they doing a water damage job one day, cleaning ceramic tile the next and then cleaning your heirloom rug the following day?
3.  Does the company have professional equipment to dust, wash, rinse and remove the water and soil from the rug?
4.  Will your rugs be cleaned individually by hand in clean fresh water or will they be put in a large wash tub to soak up pet urine, bio-contamination and fugitive dye from other people’s rugs?
5.  Will bleach be used to clean your rugs or whiten the fringe?
6.  Are you able to see for yourself how your rugs will be cleaned?

 Give us a call and re-discover just how beautiful your rugs are.